Thank Studios is a media startup formed by Sanjana and her team from the media and entertainment industry.

About the Just SANJ Talks

Sanj Talks is a platform dedicated to “Sharing, Advancing, and Networking Journey” for women from all walks of life. It offers a unique and empowering space where women can connect, learn, and grow together. By participating in Sanj Talks, women from all over the world gain access to a global community of like-minded individuals who are passionate about women’s empowerment in business and the workplace. Through thought-provoking discussions, inspiring talks, and valuable networking opportunities, Sanj Talks provides a platform for recognizing and celebrating the achievements of women worldwide. It encourages collaboration, mentorship, and the exchange of knowledge, helping women harness their potential, overcome challenges, and create meaningful change in their professional lives. Sanj Talks invites women from all over the world to join this empowering movement and be a part of a community that believes in the power of women supporting women. Together, we can inspire, uplift, and empower each other to achieve greatness.

Sanjana, an educator and a philanthropists has been involved with live and virtual events for many years. She is currently working on Sanj Talks video shows.

Sanj Talks are 15-30 minutes videos shows where you can share your experience in a topic that you are passionate about. This way others can learn from your experience.

Each episode is just 15-30 minutes long. Each episode will focus mainly on one topic that you are passionate about.

I am always looking for new topics. So if you have topics that will interest others, please do contact me.


The best way is through the online contact form. Please include your email and mobile # when contacting us.

While we will do our best to use your submission, nothing is guaranteed and nothing will be returned.


Topics should be informative, entertaining, and well presented so that the audience can learn and share them further.


We are non-partisan. We do not make endorsements for election to public office, although we do reserve the right to make recommendations on ballot measures and other matters of community interest.